Zerø Meets Herø Pt. 3


I see you been through fire, I see you been through pain/ 

But you still inspired and you made a change/

I see you cried tears ‘cause the world don’t fight fair/ 

Now you wipe your dried tears and you're trained to fight fears/

You done been a loser in the sewers/

Many do but don’t get through/

But somehow you done made it through this gruesome brutal nightmare/

I know that I’m a zero/

No cape, no armor, no bow and arrow/

If you can do it I can do it, I can be a hero./


And I will teach you/

Now’s the time you rise, let nothing pull you below/

I’ll show you how to fly/

See, i was trained by the Greatest Ever/

He’ll help you the same when you face whatever/ 

If you can learn and learn to stand firm/

You’ll be a never-fading flame that burns in a lantern/

You’ll be empowered to feel the power and wield the power/

I will model for you to follow and see what’s proper/

I will help, And you will find yourself/

And if anyone has ever doubted you,/ 

I want you to know that I’m already proud of you/


Yo thanks Hero, real talk. I know I need to change/

And I know I’ll never be the same/