Zerø Meets Herø pt. 2



I see what you sayin’, I now believe in change,

But who is capable of facing a world that is so depraved?


Me. Yup, and I’ll let you know something

And let you see that there’s a reason that Hero’s my name


But not everybody’s capable to play the role of a hero

Especially me, Zerø


Just ‘cause you don’t have a cave or cape and suit don’t mean you ain’t capable ok?

Don’t cater to the fake escape fables that they say to you.


Piece of cake for you to say my dude.


Nah, see I paid my dues,

I was on the highway to hell then I changed my route

To the road paved anew

Now I’m a soul-saving dude

Loudly I yell the Savior makes hope available

Till the outbreak of hope makes the news


Ight, I see what you say is true

How can what I say or do 

Make a change so widely

When I’m just…just…I’ma say it plain, a nobody?


Listen, if you have your own body

Then by definition it’s impossible for you to be a nobody,

Got me?

But I know what you mean, don’t doubt me,

‘Cause I used to think alike

The man that you’re seeing used to feel like nobody

But you could switch your type so oddly,

You could be a hero too, just like me,


But how? How could I ever be a hero? If I could I would proudly.


Anyone can be a hero, it’s matter of voice, choice and poise,

Just watch me,

I’ll show you what it means to be a hero