Zerø Meets Herø pt. 1


Strolling down the ave, scrolling down a app/

Holding down my map, that’s just problem #1/

You might know how to add, but I’ll school you on my math/

Good + Evil = Hero’s job is never done/

But the victims of the villains don’t jog or ever run/

And the witnesses lips have zippers that lock and sever tongues  


Strolling down the street/

The pigs or the police

Babies making babies raising babies at 16

A broken family Is all you really see

Apathetic teachers make the school policy

Kids skip class real fast blowing on them trees

Life skips fast quick flash, homeless by the deed  


Wait, who is he,

This young’n that I see, coming down the street?

Looks like a job for me

Approaching, Pace 1, pace 2,

Yo, what it is young?

Zerø: Yo what’s good?

Herø: Yo, what’s your name dude?

Zerø: My name is Zero.

Herø: Word? Well, my name is Hero.

Zerø: That’s your name?

Herø: Yup.

Both: Who named you?

Herø: But yo you looking kinda down son

Zerø: Got problems

Herø: Word? Tell me about some.


Ayo this world aint about nothing

But lil chicks being tricks and lil boys gunning

The government makes a grip but aint feeding stomachs

Broken homes in the hood, ceiling nearly crumbling

Young boys hate their fathers cuz they never loved them

But then they do the same thing and amount to nothing

And I see wrists cutting, clip busting, pimps hustling

And I see pigs bugging, kids drugging, kids smuggling

And all these rapists, and these racists, and all these crazed kids, and how this place is

That’s just the way it is I can’t fake it man, I can’t take it in, I can’t make it big

That’s just the way it is


I must say it is the way you say it is/

But we can make a diff; we can change up things

Zerø: Man we can’t change a thing

Herø: Well, if that’s what your choice is/ 

But I aint one of these boys just acting boisterous/

I use my choices and my voice as a ploy to destroy what destroys us/

And I bet you we’ll get a change/

Zerø: Real talk Hero, I see you…but things’ll never change/