war Herøez

Listen quick to this veteran spit/

I’m better than the dreaded, unedited, rebel fit, gelatin, steady-blend full-of-sin kid/

Years went by on this militant trip/

Seen folks die from a crippling hit/

Seen souls rise, true heroes don’t quit/

Zero to a hero it’s a miracle, psshh/

Hear the roar from the gun in my spiritual clip/

March for the Lord, pray your spirit don’t give/

Faith to the grave I’m a son of God kid; had battles, seen the walls of Jericho split/

Been through war zones, stormed homes, cast out war drones bound in poor souls, also more folks fall so thought blown, caught in strongholds, don’t know the cost of the cross in their poor souls/

We’re the Special Forces, we’re the best of the best and that’s why they call on us/

Work for a God that is always over us, sinner to a servant is a metamorphosis/

Servant to a soldier is a step for most of us/

Coast to the coast I promote and promote and we boast Holy Ghost cuz He lives in all of us/

The only way to win is surrender all of us/

We win every war through the blood and gore, every gun, every sword, every tongue used in war, everyone has a tongue that will build or destroy/

Better run to the voice, better come to the voice/

It is making Marines in a spiritual means/

It is more than the scenes TV meets please B, few and the proud, it is more than a corps/

Hallelujah instead of oorah, you enlist when you open that door/

Verse 2

Fight till the end & till the end we fight/
No fright in the light, take flight we might/
If they like, dislike, breathe spite or delight/
We write, (reach heights), keep sight, WE FIGHT!/
No peace with the evil one/ [no] treaties with the evil one/
Each night, stand watch or respite, sleep tight/ either one doing either one/ cool temper, we remember our sender, no surrender, not even once!/
Keep it up bro, cuz we know no death/
I told you, I showed you then you showed yourself!/
Then you rose to your toes & showed everyone else!/
Now the hopeless hope & we owe them help/
If there's no one else/
we need troops, recruit these dudes/
fatigues, green suits, knee boots, teach rules/
you'll be bruised, if you fail just recoup, CPU reboot!
I've taught & I've fought, & I've lost my pride/
Cuz I was caught off guard & I almost died/
But I called on God, yeah The Lord Most High/
I never said you won't sigh/
Never said you won't cry/
Never said what we do is like fa-la-la, kumbaya or mama-sah-mama-koo-sah/
Keep calm, woo-sah, eyes on the prize/
Leave a calling card, cuz we gone to ride!
We came & we saw & we conquered all/
From the kings, to the wars & the concert halls/
Seen the cocky fall/ from a concrete wall/
Still the clock keep goin'/
So more squads detour/
Cuz our infamy is: him & me & victory go together like: lock, key, door!/
Watch me roar/
doubt me more/
we war,/
Beat the odds, keep score!/
It's like Rocky IV/

Verse 3

We strived, we survived with no survival kit/

We climbed for our lives through the high voltage!/

No pretty settings with a picnic kit/

No etiquette to select delicate tidbits/

We swam swamps, stormed camps/

Surround parameters’ bounds/

Then we tearin’ ‘em down/

Damaging now/

Bring the bandages out/

Chant with the band and it’s loud/

Come back with crown/

Leave our flag in the ground!/

Can’t get a head count now, troops by the thou’/

My roots grew fruits, you spooked by the troops in the boots, and the holy armor suits they found/

Wind went whoosh and your roof went down/

But I’m built on a rock where the truth is the ground/

Voodoo’s might is doo- doo, facing God you is coo-coo, he is omniscient, salute, like a rott’ vs. a poodle, think you hot and on top, you will not win a round/

When your squad hits the spot they, like tops, spin around/

Been around and I won’t say I never been hit/

Proud ‘cause I got many medals on my chest and I didn’t have to carry any metal on my hip/

We march nonstop through the swamps, over rocks, through the blocks, evil plots, teeter- tot we will not leave our God, change sides, trade sides, knowing we will end up in a hot pit pot/

Was a prisoner of war, [by] the criminal they call, Satan, liar, deceiver of all/

Who the Son sets free is free indeed/

Broke them chains with a rescue squad/

We can’t ever be the same ‘cause we switched our place/

When people jog, we heroes run/

We train and remain in tip-top shape,/

‘cause a hero’s job's never done/