Verse Assassination

Bonsai! Here comes the bad guy/

the black guy/

with a James Bond mic/

giving demons black eyes/

squash 'em down to a Pad-i/

flip the "i" from the backside/

yeah, their squad lies/

that size/

Y'all act like your brains are bottle-cap size/

I'ma drain where you float your boat and watch it capsize/

You look insane like Constantine staring in a cat's eyes/

confused and strange, like, "Dude where's my car I can't find?!.."/

Couldn't gain appeal (a peel) if you tore off/

the skin of a banana or an orange/

Money gains appeal, but "you still need more mon" (mormon); Romney/

you funny dudes [are] playing on a danger-field; Rodney/

Comedy; commonly everybody wanna run around with the chief clothes/

but you're too back & forth, up & down, like cheat codes; undefeatable/

You ain't thoro' ("toro!") but could still end up under feet of bull/

In other words get ran over/

You a grandmother/

With a hangover/

I'm a Range Rover/

driven by a deranged soldier/

with road rage in both lanes/

with propane tanks loaded/

sitting with hands folded/

Please don't take it literal, it's just for illustration/

A little bit of patience & I'll fill you with some illness from my little iller-station/

I'm a serial-killer & my victim's still the same, it's: the will of Satan/

Shhh, don't broadcast/

You feel (fill) regular, I feel (fill) premium, like we both bought gas/

Everything you're leaking when you're speaking be stinking like your throat got gas so bad it could melt hard glass/

Welcome to my Art class/

Call me Prof. Black/

Don't sit far back/

you might get marked "Ab"/

I'll be teaching Creativity, Originality, What Rhyme Patterns Be...& a lot more with all that/

I'm a rhyme machine made from a time machine/

rapper in your time, in another time I'm a king/

I found a light so bright I blinded a diamond ring/

call me out, if you lost your mind...dial & ring/

"Overtime! Overtime!" wish, try to win!/

We strong from BC to AD; vitamins/

No overtime, it's "it's over" time...violins/

& sad faces, from lyrical violence!/