they say (tha motto)

Life is a struggle (mayn)/ trying to ride a bike in a bubble/

& fly a kite... yet never bust through/

so much pain everybody cause you, yet nobody knows or they just don't want to/

& they say I'm strange... perhaps cuz they notice/

that these shoulders hold up boulders sculptors couldn't alter with a bolster/

Should've said I'm strong. & even if they laugh & push & taunt you/

you can do anything that you put your heart to/

Let your mind lead, & your heart drive you/

You don't have to mind read to know they'll want to stop you/

It could be your best friend or your mommy/

Cuz they say this generation just some wild freaks/

& they say we only care about them pine trees/

& they say we only here until that nine squeeze/

Just tell em "u don't know me"/

If I'd've listened what was told me/

I'd still be on the hustle, tryna find a OZ/ like Dorothy/

I learned that God can help you/

So don't let no devil hell you!/

You can make it, whether they hate or hail you!/

Don't make a difference what they tell you!/

And they say/
there's no hope for tomorrow/
All our dreams are hollow/
We wallow in our sorrow/
But I know who I follow/
& all our time is borrowed/
So I go by that motto/

Today is just a day/

Tomorrow's just the same/

Just like yesterday/

It ends as if it never came/

So each night there's nothing left to say/

Only just to pray/

Cuz every day speaks for you like it's running a campaign/

So what it is shortee? You gonna be another statistic?/

you gonna leave a mark with your life or just leave a mark with your lipstick?/

& don't let your legs split till you a wife or a gymnast/

& homie since you want to mix elements/ why not become a chemist?/

they told you that's for cornballs? (wrong.)/

They want you to stalk that sidewalk dawg/

till your body's marked by that white chalk drawn!/

why not swap that for the chalkboard huh?/

remember, what you give's what you receive/

& you can achieve what you believe/

Kobe was training to be one of the greatest/

by age 6!/

Don't let nobody hold you down!/

What I told you could mold you to a soldier now!/

Keep your nose up, don't fold up, stand bold & proud (fam)/

Follow me to that goden crown/

No Halloween, you gon’ know us now (yeah)/

They cant forget us all/

Once we let it show/

Let em know it’s pitiful/ 

how they get us wrong!




Every setback is a set-up/

So get up with a jetpack/

& be your best fast/ 

till them haters who said stuff/

Get jetlag/

You don’t lack strength, you lack zest/

Acting as if you lack sense/

Busy tryna bag Jet Mag chicks and get crabs afer health class/

See, they can say what they wanna/

But you portray your persona/

So while you swimming in a lake with anaconda snakes and pirhannas you wonder why they saying you’re a goner/

So make your days count like a calendar/

Till you drain out like a colander/

Stand brave, stout like a conqueror/

‘Cause I’ma train scouts like a commander/

I’m generating a nation of generals in this generation with inspiration/

‘Cause what you think of self determines your destination/

‘Cause we learned that God can help you/

So don’t let no devil hell you/

You can make it whether they hate or hail you/

Don’t make a difference what they tell you/