the temptress

She says stolen waters are sweeter/ her home is where the grass is greener/ homie have you seen her?/ I hope not/ cuz many married men broke knots/ for a feeling yet never felt their healin' (heel-in) like having holes in socks/
Her words are soft & sweet, she says she'll comfort me/
Let's take off & meet, says she's the one for me/
You know I'm married, so why try to tempt me?!/
She says cuz I care deep, & your wife's left you empty/
Come to me & I'll take all the pain away/
We'll run to be where there are no more rainy days/
We'll sit back in a place where peace is still/
Her words are relaxing me like a sleeping pill/
Her eyes are razor sharp & her dress is blood red/
I have a wife but this temptress has no husband/
She blows in my ear & she rubs my chest soft/
Taking shots at my heart & I never put a vest on/
All the women & guys know this chick is to die fo'/ she isn't my wife though, plus I'm living the bible/ but I don't know what to choose, my wife or this mistress!/ I'm torn between the two, man I'm so conflicted!/
[she says:]

-       “I can’t let go, I love you so…”

She says "don't worry about a thing Black Jewelzy,/
Don't worry 'bout that ring, I mean, it's only jewelry/
We both know this, your wife don't love you truly/
If she could she'd kick you to the side like Bruce Lee"/
She says the nicest words just to soothe me/
Her words are kind & caress so smoothly/
You make me feel I can jump off a building & take flight/
But this is forbidden & though she & I may fight/
I made a commitment, & this can't be made right/
It's so wrong/
God gave me my wife, & we gon hold on!/
She at first was/ nervous/ then her anger surfaced/
She said "she don't even love you! Hug you, kiss you! She pushes & shoves you! Mocks you, even hits you!/ tell me, is this what you wish to commit to?!/ if you come to/ me she won't even miss you!/"
Just stop/ she may not love me & truly I don't love her like I once did/ but I love God, He made this marriage to be & I must honor what's His/ He can make things new see, I must trust Him/
So I'm telling you for the last time!/
I don't ever want to see your face!/
Hear your voice!/
Don't let your path pass mine!/
You'll be disgraced!/
There's my choice/
This is my last goodbye.
Period on your sentence.
End this.

My wife... is life.
...& suicide is the temptress.