tha madnezz

Millions have caught a disease/ 

That causes ease/

Puts your soul into a coma, then it starts to seize/

Then you're almost a goner, [it] sings your soul to sleep/

Good night. Gladys/

I call it Tha Madnezz!/  

If you have it, you live in havoc/

To the habitat you adapt & the habits/

They don't even seem to care about the handbook/

You can feel it in the air like a hammock/

Lil John's only 9 with a condom/

& lil Kim's only 10 with a thong on/

But they're told nothing's wrong, it's not a problem/

Till lil Kim becomes a Mom or John a papa/

But they say this is the new day/

Everybody strip, cuz this is the nude day/

11 bodies hit, that's what the news say/

By some holly jolly St. Nick, I guess that's his idea of a new sleigh (slay)/

[& ppl get] shot with a magnum/

Chopped with an ax/

zip- Locked in a bag/

blood Sucked in a vacuum/

Not gospel, it's bad news/

This is what you see in their actions/

All cuz of the disease they contracted/  


Hook: Struck with the madness!/ Stuck with the madness!/ Bugged with the madness!/ Drugged with the madness!/ Stunned with the madness!/ Strung with the madness!/ They come in touch with the madness!/ Then fall in love with the madness!/   So Runnn!...   


Life is as long as one decision/

What they do's unpredictable like chameleons/

They say right or wrong is an opinion/

The word "truth" is despicable like a minion/

Guns in the classroom, drugs in the bathroom/

Young women, bashful, slung in a batch-full/

Hundreds in cash flow, bums on the av'nue get/

no love from the afflu- ent!/

Thugs & womanizers get honorable mention/

Then Grammys we hand em/

& tell lil girls put on some tight skirts & get turned out for attention/

...Just look at Hannah Montana/

A conscience is nonsense/

What you feel or say goes/

But that foundation's weak, made out of Legos/

It's like a constant contest of who could con best/

till a billion bodies lay gone/  




Millions have caught a disease that causes ease/

Puts your soul into coma, then it starts to seize/

& you listened what they told ya, think your soul is free/

Then it takes you to a place never known to freeze/

It's a world full of animals!/

They'll eat you to get ahead then let millions STARVE!... They're the worst kind of cannibals/

Livin in a helter-skelter shelter with Lector, Hannibal!/

Pimps are popular ppl/

Just think, prostitution is legal/

& the constitution is feeble/

Manipulated by ppl to do calculated evil/

Villains become heroes/ Celebrities!/

20 killings & no one knows anything/

But I am Legend & I diagnose--Can it be?!--/

There's a healing & I can show you the remedy!/