rhyme bot

I was made in a factory that manufactured/

A revolutionary advanced brand of rappers/

They broke the mold when they crafted the black one/

I went rogue now I'm a rap assassin/

I went cold—hunt you down for satisfaction/

Think I care if you like this, on that status action?/

I'll leave you sad as Jacksons when their daddy whacked 'em/

When I toss you in the back of that paddy wagon/

You have the right to remain silent!  

No, silence! I say, silence/

Do you want to try & catch these sidekicks?!/

You like, "I'll put these hollows in your head—sinus"/

Man, how you gonna rap about ratchets clappin'/

When every night you on stage with ratchets clappin'?/

Or posted with some shades & the cameras flashing?/

Don't come through Elm City 'less you fastly passin'/

I'm like the Rap Robocop, a cyber rhymeborg/

I was formed reborn in a giant time warp/

My bars are like a arm that could squash the Bifrost/

& tell Heimdall pipe down & I'm boss/

My words could reach the heart of the trifest crime boss/

Have him on the block doing night revivals/

Yo my brain is like a train that surpasses light speed/

No, my brain is like a plane doing galactic sight-sees /

No, my brain is like a game that would make Einstein's mind bleed/

No, my brain is like— Forget it, y'all won't get it/

'Cause y'all rap like... "Ribbit, ribbit...I'm feeling froggy, ribbit..."/

I'm like: if I'm a giant you're a midget/

If I'm a midget you're a widget/

If I'm a widget you're a speckle of a smidgen of a digit/

Don't fidget frigid rigid gizzard tidbit/

Who spit it legit as this?.../


My God upholds the globe, it was never Atlas/

Get it straight, 'cause He could take the O out your atoms-/

Phere! "No fair!" Don't care, the fact is/

He spins it like a ball, finger on the axis/

Now watch me vaporize myself as I form to mist/

& show you how the Jedi use the Force a bit/

Dispatch, attach then snatch off your map coordinates/

Rearrange 'em & rename 'em like a rapper jargonist/

So enjoy Raplanta, Bars Vegas, Flowida & Elm Spitty/

Chea, Elm Spitty, shoutz to Elm Spitty/

I wrote this on a plane leaving 11:20/

Now everybody wanna be intercontinental/

But they don't ever want to think the consequence through/

What about when you go out, get a cup to quench you/

& a crowd come & run a marathon to catch you?/

Rhyming was programmed into my major main frame/

The intrinsic instinct made my brain trained/

Rap is my first language, I'm fluent/

I don't form the flow, my form is the flow! I'm fluid!/

Yet can't drain or pop like champagne/

When a man bring change hate brings the bang-bang/

Still I stay main stage, shame not my thing-thing/

If you don't approve my message, that won't stop my campaign/

"Ratta-tat-tat!" The ghetto lullaby sings/

But I don't want to see no more babies dying/

& I don't want to hear no more ladies crying/

So I'm on a rap attack & there ain't no hiding/

My rhyme is a bomb above atomic/

My mind is supersonic, your mind is subatomic/

You play with plates of Blue Bonnet, I'm like a plague that's Bubonic/ 

To you dudes who spew vomit/

I'm bionic!/

Don't get it twisted (twist-it)!/

Pull it! Flick it! Spin it! Bop it!/

Stop it! (No.) Stop it! (No.) Stop it! (No.) Stop it! (Ok.)