requiem for a verse


Call me the fire-starter/ 

bring your flow & I'll dry your water/

pyromaniac, time to face the fact/

we bring the real (reel) with the bait attached/

you real as Animaniacs, I write erratic, zany raps/

you write Jan Brady raps/

I'd rather jam to 80's tracks than play the top 2 latest raps/

in the stockroom at Baby Gap!/

that mess a hot stew of baby crap/

I'll Chop Su- you cockamamie catz/

with Won-Ton Soup & chopped up rabies rats/

But I gotchu if you want that authentic verbiage/ 

organic, no preservatives/

no corn; foliage/

come to the artists' market if you're malnourished/

our figurative language spinach builds strong lyrics/

I'm the most different type of rapper you ever seen/

My hunger got me catching fire like Katniss Everdeen/

You wear lip gloss with a glassy sheen/

...I'm a cyborg rap machine/

My bones metallic within/

& I got retractable skin layers/

that can shift, & peel back to reveal automatic ink sprayers/

& make flows I can ride on for days, so call me Pen-Man-Ship...try not to sink, sailors!/

...I walk around with an invisible force field/

a beast, eating triple a horse-meal/

I beat so many beats, when I challenge emcees to a 1-on-1, they try to bring me to court, steal/

rewind the time if that line ain't been caught still/

you killaz ain't at all ill/

even if you could kill "S", you could call it a "S"-kill, but that still can't be called skill/

you couldn't align when it's my turn if you was a car-wheel/

I got your brain rumbling like doing a cartwheel/

see me, I'm real in 3-D, you & your crew is cartoon-ish; Garfield/

But me & my dudes roll on the war field/

Staying true till He open the fourth seal!/