Welcome to Painville/
Where the pain feels/
Like a anvil/
Hanging, dangling from your clavicle/
Located many many miles away from easy street/
We go crazy, friends lend a smile to deceive & sneak/ & insert a blade between your vertebrae/
A wasteland but plenty rivers here/
Cause we make the rivers with our tears/
scream all you want, no one listens here/
Like they're missing ears/ your voice fades like mist in air/
Teens to adults, they CRY!/...& they hide/ cuz to this cold world we're frozen in time/ like statues/ & they do no more than stare as they pass you/
The Main Street is an alley called Memory,
Man, we hate to go down that lane/
But it just seems we can’t get around the thing/
While they drink sweet thrills with 3 meals, then guzzle down again/
We ask for a wee sip, they refill then pour it down the drain/
See, some of you could never b. Real cuz you never lived in the house of pain!/
I wake up in the morning & I ask myself,/
Is life worth living, should I blast myself?/
Put the knife to my wrist, slit & slash my self/
Cuz I don't give a crap 'bout my life, 'slash' my health/
You might not understand this if your life is like sweet walks in the park/
But this for the kids who feel abandoned, & sit & cry alone in the dark/
This is where we come from/
don't dare to trust one/
Cuz if you do the one you love & trust with your heart’s an imposter/
They'll blow you a kiss & hold you only so they can throw you off a cliff like Scar did to Mufasa!/
Pardon me Father!.../
But am I only alive to be tortured?.../
Tormented, & taunted?/
They say we paranoid cuz/
every house in Painville is haunted/
Man It's hard living in Painville/
I even tried Aspirin & Advil/
to kill the pain, but still the pain kills/
Can this pain heal?!!...I'm askin../
I hate to believe this pain is real/
I pinch myself, but still "pain the feel" backwards/

& though this whole place is a dark abyss/
We pray for the grace to someday walk in bliss/
To face the harsh reality of life which is like a witch who charms with the softest lips & gives a heartless kiss as she plots your drop into a bottomless pit/
We feel hopeless yet still hope the pain stops/
Or at least lowers & only strikes gently like raindrops/
Praying for sun rays hot
Enough to warm the frozen ice
in our chests & at the same time give guiding sight
But there's a fire in the heart of God to spark the light to brighten like stars in your darkest night!


The pain that you feel won’t last forever/

The pain that we feel can make us better/

You feel it?!/
You gotta wrestle/
till you beat it!/
It almost killed me/
I don't mean that figuratively, that's real speech!/
Sometimes I can't figure or get my finger on how I'm breathing or even still me!/
But I got a force-field as a shield, see/
So tryna destroy me is like tryna steal meat from a grizzly/
Cuz the Lord's will came & gripped me like cleats digging into a sports field/
I'm living proof that hope's real/ if I need to shoot hope homing missiles to ensure hope hits you I will do just that, speedily/
I'll toss a hope bomb with a lit fuse in your living room/ just tweet me a "thank you" when the thing kabooms!/ & I'll reply "hope heals" since The Lord shined the Light from that dark hill/
They ask me why I hope deal/ man have you ever heard grown dudes cry...?/
& their tears glimmer in the moonlight?!!!/
Without hope life ain't purposeful/
But you ain't worthless girl, & you got purpose dude/
See, when it's pain versus hope/
Pain's the first to choke/
Just pray harder/
Hope is alive & pain ain't stronger!/
Thought you died but God's the grave robber!/
A great Father!/ knows your thoughts, heals broken hearts but not a psychic or a paid doctor/
Let your eyes lift to the grand aura/
Of the skies lit with power to warm & show ya/
Though night was dark it can alter/
& change after!/
Let this bang louder/ till your sons & granddaughters/ chant out [this]:/ when the struggles get harder/
The muscles get stronger!!/