Attention, I am immortal/

Anthropomorphic, invincible, abnormal/

Infamous. Also incognito, anonymous,/

Intently announcing impending Armageddon, imminent annihilation, instant apocalypse,/

Intensely. Advanced; ions axons—incompatible!/

Also include antibodies, ingestion, antigens, infections, allergies—I am incomparable!/

Artificial isn't authentic intelligence/

Aptitude: infinite/ 

Astute intellectuals are infants,/

Articulate idiots/

And I am insightfully an idealist,/

Arrogant imbeciles are idealess/

And I am incorruptible/

Armor isn't aluminum, iron, alloy—it's adamantium! Indestructible/

Arm incasing artillery is adjustable/

Inner armory incorporates archery/

Incendiary arrows/

I am indiscriminately at infernal angels,/

Imps, at intricate angles/

I'm always intricate,/

Accurate. Irises are infrared/

Arsenal is atomic,/

Image: aesthetic. Insurgent, anarchic independent artist, iconic/

And iconoclastic/

Atmospheric inhabitants applaud international aviation/

it's amazing, I am interstellar and intergalactic!/

Aerodynamic! I amicably insist, ask it:/

Aren't I actually impossible?/

Agility indefinitely astronomical,/

Ignorance absolutely intolerable./

Acclaimed ingenius, aura illuminating/

And it ain't icky aliens invading/

Abducting, I am instructing/

As I admonish individuals acknowledge inescapable afterlife incoming/


I am inhuman although I ain't inhumane/

Altruistic, inspirational/

Astrophysical, imperishable,/

Automatic; I am impeccable!/

As important aristocrats invest amounts in abandoned islands/

And improve active insane asylums/

Inducing acupuncture/

I am infiltrating all information amassed in all infrastructures/

Affecting instantly, Almighty insisted/

Adversaries I attack impartially./

After inspecting autopsies/

It's apparent I always impart agape/











Impassioned, all I've acquired is ambition/

Invoking "alleluias," it's all intuition/

Ay, "I," Ay, I assume it appears inconceivable/

A'ight, interpretation: altogether, I am illethal!