ninja talk

Listen to this ninja talk this ninja talk

It’s some stuff you don’t understand like climbing up cliffs and gym floors covered in an

inch of chalk

This ninja walks a narrow path

I used to train on tightropes, nowadays I casually stroll along a flying arrow’s shaft

I ain’t gotta wear no mask

We’re seen when we want to be

And I don’t just mean on TV

We flaunt the will to inspire a soul

The way many rappers flaunt grillz & diamonds and gold

So no smoke bombs from these ninja stars for now

But be aware ‘cause we ninjas be lurking all around

In your local shop making coffee grounds

In your community center by the lost & found

In the fire truck when you hear that daunting sound

And in your city streets spreading love as we walk the town

But maybe not so subtle in your gyms though

That’s when we switch modes like Nintendo

See we train to enhance every fiber from the fingertip to the big toe

So that we staying alive when we stand on the platform like it’s disco

Ninja life!

I rep that, don’t forget that

You wanna race me?! Holla when you get a jet pack

See in this new era we take alternate routes, experiment in the movement lab...

I’m showing too many secrets, cover your eyes quick like how you do the dab

Just know we hustle hard

We cool with footballs and baseballs but prefer cannonballs and muscle balls

We stand tall, never wanna fall

I guarantee you we, one and all

Would find a way to climb the cascading currents of a waterfall

Or strive till I breathing stops

We’d climb an invisible ladder to reach the top

Let the people watch

Leave ‘em shocked

With bare hands we beat the clock

Dream a lot so we scheme and plot

Hardcore ninja life

While they spiking drinks, we drinking spikes

Sharpen our swords with swords then lick the knife

The only way you can know you’ve met a ninja... is when a ninja strikes

Hardcore ninja life

Strength is the calling card

Skill is the calling card

Determination is the calling card

Motivation is the calling card

Inspiration is the calling!

Hardcore ninja life

I rep that don’t forget that

ninja life

I rep that don’t forget that