Alive... Are you alive?/

You think I'm talking 'bout breath/

Then you don't understand life/

& you don't understand death/

There's more to life than breath lil dunny/

There's more to life than getting checks lil dunny/

There's more to life than getting sex lil dunny/

But you in class tryna act a lil funny/

Want to sleep then bake up like, "I'll wake up tomorrow..."/

Question: aye bruh...aye what's tomorrow?!/

It don't exist, just an idea in your mind/

You came to a crossroad just to stare at the sign/

Just think, trees breathe to us, birds sing to us/

& you could create a day in your brain yet resort to ignorance/

I don't really mind if it's over your head/

'Cause the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead/ 


I feel so alive/

& I feel so alive.../


I just might resurrect sutm/ 



"Positive! You're too positive!"/

Are you positive? "Yes!" Then you're too positive!/

It's a new day, I spit so these dead bones would live/

But you use cars & chicks to impress like cards & tricks/

Well let me get negative, most you rappers wack! You cannot rap!/

Spitting sedatives, I take a nap when they happen to play your track/

Rapping laxatives, you pushing crap, won't take it back/

But taken aback when you'll play "Sir Spraying Gats" but don't play The Black/

Gotta be kidding me!/

These catz got to be kittens b/

They planned on mocking J like Haymitch & Heavensbee, 'cause I say which way Heaven be/

Well get a rapper to step to me & I'll lyrically take him where Heaven be/

—Kill 'em!—

Your honor I'm sorry, excuse me/

But killing these rappers is my duty Judy/

My pen's more lethal than the thin edge of a knife/

& I'm really killing emcees just to bring them to life/


Wake up! Sleepers!/

You missed your call a long time ago—beepers/

Outrageous, how we play with life, play with death...zombies screaming from the bleachers/

The treasure's hidden for the seekers/

But you'd rather find pleasure under t-shirts & mini-skirts/

I'm 'bout to jeer & shout/

Forget what you heard of, we're born for more than sex & murder, though that's all we hear about/

You making more purchases but don't know what your purpose is/

Just stare at a mirror to get the proof of a perfect Creator's workmanship/

& stop dwelling on bodies who've been augmented; I'm so pedagogical with the Teleological Argument/

So don't feel like this Earth is just/ 

A container of worthlessness/

See, I was born dead, lived to die again then rise to live to die then rise again, so I know that there's more than this/

Yes, I'm going a-bove your head, but the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead/