no hook


Look, a comet's gonna hit our planet!/

Look again, that is not a comet, it's a planet/

One of a kind, that's why you do not understand it/

It's called The Black Jewelz, whole planet made of granite/

Gigantic, gonna hit the rap world, watch it panic/

Run for your lives! Panting, everybody frantic!/

"I come in peace..." *Button click* —(Explosion)—smash your whole world like ceramics/

"I've landed."/

So go tell your senator I'm a predator/

More than a tyrannosaur, you're a stegosaur/

Get a chore/

For these rap stars; most are just a half-man like a centaur or minotaur/

Need a minute with a mentor, sitting down in a center/

File then a lecture, trial & sequester/

Y'all ain't writers, just some fake biters like a mouth full of dentures/

"Objection, conjecture!"/


—'Cause the fake emcees they sail the seas/

To find Black Jewelz' jewels but they fail to seize/

No they can't succeed/

'Cause I hid 'em in a Kingdom that can't be seen/


Ahoy! Land is near/

According to my map we can land right here/

It's the Land of the Wack Emcees, I'll act friendly/

Then pillage their village & cause damage there/

I'm an irate pirate, a buccaneer/

Make you fake rappers bust to tears/

'Cause y'all so corny, you should just sell corn...& charge a buck an ear/

But I'm driven by the gift that I've been given chillin' giving/

Little chil'en living skills & spittin'—kill them villains spillin' venom/

Winnin' when I wanna one-on-one 'em, with a witness/

Wond'ring was I born to Wonder Woman; legend, like I'm One Eyed Willy/

Really. Ready willing/

Treasure hidden/

Read his will & hid him/

When I hit him/

Dead him, debt him/

Again & again & again I get him/

Silly, rank, stank skunks/

I'm a think tank tough/

As a lank monk/

No prank, walk the plank punks/



Leaving scars (leave in S-Cars) when I charge/


Staying underground like an aardvark/

Yes sir!/

Large like a wrestler/

More smart than professors/

You're a small wart/

I'm more stalwart than Bilbo's heart/

Throwing gold darts at your Billboard charts/

So tell your governor, your mother, your brother, your lover/

An alien has finally been discovered/

—Made entirely of dark matter,/

From the planet Barz— only kind of the Barz Masters/

A race that was erased, or that's what/

They assumed but it was an illusion/

See, I was too elusive, then I underwent a fusion/

With the Life Force and became more after/

I could nap while I write raps/

With my arms tied behind my back/

With a peg-leg and a eyepatch/

Y'all a pack of parrots saying, "I rap!"/

Oh Polly want/

A cracker? then you gotta stop the poppycock/

The cocky popping bottles talk/

Clocking rocks on Papi's block/

Dodging coppies, just a lot of props for props/

But you catz are copping copycats, shorty watch & copy but when he cock he pop/

Then he locked/

...Call it pop & lock/


Turn it up, with my pirat's/

You're a rat pie/

Ain't worthy of/

3 16s, I'll give you 3 eat a pi, rats/

I hide raps locked with a tight latch/

In a time capsule, in a time portal so you bitin' catz try to find that/

'Cause y'all don't write raps, you buy the rights for raps/

So many days & nights I had to fight to rap/

For the stage & the lights & a mic to match/

You spit plain yet live like, "I got a flight to catch..."/

But, see, the flame won't come to life till you strike the match/

[So] I'm burning with a yearning & discerning all the vermin,/

What a burden, just churn 'em & dessert 'em, I'm determined/

To deter 'em & to turn 'em & convert 'em, they deserve it/

—the deserted—I assert it & insert 'em in eternity/

Turn, turn, learn & see/

Me teach courtesy/

Curtsy; stern? Please/

Growing pains—Kirk C/

Jerks birth, curse seeds/

Disperse work, lurk,/

Burst heat in a verse, smirk/

& you censoring me?!/

You ain't sincere than me/

Won't see sin searing me/

Or cease in hearing me/

I seep deep where the earrings be/

Through the seas, streets, & where your parents & their errands be/

Let these creeps sleep, rock 'em (Rakim)—Eric B/

You might not care for me/

I do not care fully/

Might drive you crazy but I promise to drive carefully/