stop biting

There's 1,000,001 rappers in the spitting game/

Mostly same style, slightly different names/

Most can't even rap, I tell you it's a shame/

They put their sounds in the cloud & expect to reign (rain)/

They get a little beat, they listen then they hit repeat/

Then they start mimicking the rappers in the industry/

Don't try to step to me, you're lyrically a little flea/

You're too little b, better go battle Lil B/

'Cause my lyrics be knocking rappers unconscious/

I can't pay attention, your raps are just nonsense (non-cents)/

Most you rappers can't even rap without a substance/

Maybe that explains why you rap without substance/

By now the rap game has 1,000,002/

& there's no telling what the next million will do/

Before you want a stage and a crowd to go wild/

Dig in your creative closet and find your style/ 


Most you rappers now can hardly write a sentence/

Or even distinguish a statement from a question/ 

Your whole style is pathetic at best/

Yes I'm sleeping on you, so put it to rest/

I am not an advocate of violence/

But I am an advocate of silence/

So keep your mouth closed till you get a flow/

You rappers pose no threat, that's why I step up in your shows/

Like, "Di di di da, di di di di, di da di day, [ay]/

All you sucka MCs, won't you please come out to play?!/

Prepare yourself to be a victim/

Prepare your demons for eviction/

What I write is biblical/

Borderline a miracle/

What you write is comical/

Bottom line: pitiful/

You think if you could copy me then you'll prevail/

But I'm the teacher; as you copy me the more you will fail/


When 1 gets famous, 10,000 boys bite/

The 10,000 don't know that the 1 don't write/

If he did he probably bit a hit he heard last night/

Now his fans think he nice & he proud like, "that's right!"/

Half y'all from up north, even straight from Elm City,/

Then step in the booth like you're from Mississippi/

& just 'cause you do drugs don't mean you got dope raps son/

I say this as a friend, & friends don't let friends rap dumb/

Some won't listen anyway/

They keep on slipping everyday/ 

Wishing for that penny-pay/

While the threat of deadly aim/

Gets bigger and bigger/

'Cause Black Jewelz in the booth is like a Navy sniper with his finger on the trigger/

What I write is biblical/

Borderline a miracle/

You write raps like an imbecile/

Bottom line: despicable/

Your club songs might please a crowd/

But in this Hip Hop clubhouse: "Only Real Emcees Allowed"/