the d

Blahka-blahka bloa!!/
Black's on your block so back up, bow/
Have no gats, just facts in Acts & a pack of raps that pack a pow/
No crack in cracks but I'll crack a smile/
When you rap 'cause that crap as foul/
As a chick hittin' out of bounds/
I live in the ring, mastered this style/
I'm half asleep yet I'll happily battle these clowns/
This rap league bugs B, like Babs be around/
I'm the rap elite, fast enough to shatter the sound-/
Barrier, then bury ya where the past be the ground/
While you grabbing for the acid like the battery drowned/
"Slow it down! Slow it down!" --Do I have to slow it down?!/
Ok, that's my unicycle flow, they can't handle me now/
They ask me, "Is it true da Bible glow??"/
Look into my eyes & the answer be found/
I'm a freak of nature!/
It's in my freakin nature!/
You want a free congratu'?/
Go find a freak to date ya!/
'Cause I come to free the nations/
& feed my face with fakers/
Once I face ya, the Black a beast, he had a feast & ate ya/
You don't know how to rap baby boy read instructions man/
I come to destroy, call me the destruction man/

Boom, bye-bye! Black shot de boy down!/
With a mind x9 & a rude boy sound!
Turn it up, turn it up! Make de tune go 'round/
& make de town no him what have de true gold crown/

I don't need acid to rap, still I spit acidic/
I never learned English, I learned Lyrics/
Lyrical Acrobatics, -backflip- "I spit acidic," venomous/
Till your skin is tinted like denim is/
Menace like Dennis is/
24/7 like Denny's is/
Respect the King or the God'll get your mouth checked like a dentist's kids/
Oh you gonna hit me with your heater-hotter/
Ha-ha, doesn't matter, calm down.../
No need to teeter-totter, pitter-patter, tit-for-tatter/
Look, I got a pretty thing of Skittles & a itty-bitty fiddle that I'll give you once I hit you with this little witty riddle:/
"Why did the rapper cross the road?"/
- A rich crook on the other side offered a pot of gold./
I saw his face the other day...when I looked up "disloyal"/
So enjoy till your reign's foiled & I come to destroy you!/

I told you, I'm not a common being, I'm a rapling/
Cackling, flying through your city like the Batwing/
Passion grasped him/
like the Heimlich & I'm gagging/
The rap ring? Thirty seconds flat--"ding!"/
They made me, He remade me/
Deranged maybe but "crazy??"/
Nah, if I were crazy I'd be a little more sane b/
& you chicks spitting really need to get a life/
Stop stripping just to get a little hype/
That's fact! There ain't a single one I like/
You ain't a rapper, you just a sex symbol with a mic/
Listen here, if up jumps the L Boogie all you dirty chicks would disappear/
So I'm the villain & the hero, I'm the sinner & saint/
The Caped Crusader with the Joker face paint/
No feelings but for the people/
So let me warn you/
Even Repair Man, Man, Man's hands can't help you when I destroy you/