Nether realms

Welcome to the Nether Realms/

Of rap, where the spirits/ 

Of dead lyricists are hidden within mirrors/

Yeah, just stare in one & in a single second/

 you're possessed by the wackness/

The catch is the masses/

Could never tell/

You dropped the shot pump/

Now you want to job hunt/

The label giving you a shot just/

Do what they want huh?/

Even if they say I'll go to the top of/

This building, you go out side, chill then/

Catch this kettle bell/

First just sign waiver/

Then hold this sign saying,/

"I made it."/

You nod, he smiles thinking,/

"It never fails."/

Wishes and fairy tales/

Sold as they hunt in bushes for furry tails/

Or on the road, Brooklyn to ATL/

To drag you to the Nether Realms/

—Welcome to the Nether Realms!—/

Where they sleep in castles with pillows that are peacock-feather-filled/

& have pet armadillos with leather shells/

They hail whatever sells/

They'll put you on a ship in a storm & laugh as the hail severs the sails/

Jail you & burn the bail/

Kill & serve the will/

Steal a fortune & warn 'em, like, "Don't say jack, Pat, just turn the wheel!"/

And lead a rat pack of pack rats/

Who pack gats & stack racks in knapsacks/

& clack-clack, clap catz/

Sure to fail, they'll yearn & yell/

When they wail Lucifer's return to Hell/


The hawk eye of the Dark Side/

watches you walk by/

With a soft stride/

Your heart hides/

A strong pride/

So he whispers a small lie/

Just enough to get you on his side with arms tied/


They make it look nice, so that's what you think/

But you can't fool the One/

Why you think they love the ice? & the drinks?/

They want to cool the tongue/


Deep in the Nether Realms/

People from the Nether Realms/

Screams in the Nether Realms/

Keep from the Nether Realms/