I was born with a devil on both shoulders/

And I grew to roll with rebels who hold holsters/

But not before rap took me in like a hostess/

That's why you might not understand how I approach this/

Cuz the only beautiful thing that I had in this life was these raps, check it.../

Center stage, a sage turns the page/

Explains Earth skates on a razor blade/

Listening, a man, never named/

Can't take what he's saying so he went insane/

Venom in his veins sent him in a rage/

Sentiment of raze, sediment of race, synonym of hate/

Sit him in a case, sit him in a cage, send him to his grave/

Or a paid vaca' by the lake/

Movie scenes I portray with no movie screen/

Stan Lee and Spike Lee want my new release/

Roll the scroll, I write codes to the beats/

I'll run a rap marathon to bring it through your streets/

Keeping up the pace, giving up the praise/

Kicking what is paved, picking the depraved/

Even if in pain, even if I'm paid, even with the fame/

Even if it's Bane going *bang, bang, bang* with his gang!/

Y'all think I'm laid-back but I'm a activist/

Y'all pacifists with this craftsmanship/

I mastered this; Shakespeare wish he could rap like this/

Hearing hallelujahs from the devil's advocate/

I used to dream in a cubicle/

Hiding raps in my cuticles/

The world is a musical/

Let them other rappers do the usual/

I just want this to be beautiful/



... Like ghetto children with smiles so bright it would make sun rays run away

Then come back with sun shades


Like the little things we ignore,

Like lashes that protect our eyes like a battalion at war

Like the ink that floods the sheet

And buries the pain the poet couldn't speak

Dream in a deep sleep and caress the stars,

You'll find a pristine beach hidden next to Mars

As I ascend the summit,

My wings grow till I reach the peak and plummet

Only to spread them and glide higher than I could ever covet

As I cruise something's stolen, snatched,

By the air, blown in waft.

Zoom in as it falls and behold a feather of flames with a golden shaft

I just want this to be beautiful!

Like a ballerina dancing on piano keys,

Playing the most enchanting of melodies


Like a gymnast dressed in diamonds and flowers tumbling on a single cloud amid a clear sky on a sunny day

Who cares if it rhymes anyway?!

I just want this to be beautiful! 

Majestic! Magnificent! Vertex! Chaste! Innocent! Tranquil! Godly! Heavenly! Eminent! 

... Try to trace my sentiment.

Pure, like a holy man's

Tear caught in an angel's hand

Eyes, close 'em;

Envision in slow motion,

Then open.


I trapped a sunbeam in a translucent walking staff

To walk the path

Of darkness, as I drink the Savior's blood from a stone carafe!

No prison of mind or matter could hold me back,

I don't care if this don't make you wanna load and blast!

Unload your gats!

When you see a body remember there's a soul attached.

Now that's beautiful,

A privilege no planet or constellation has known.

How beautiful a conversation when appreciation is shown.

A bullet launches from the chamber, on a lethal mission,

Then sprouts wings as the target is repositioned

And flies straight up into the golden sky

And explodes as fireworks, to provoke a sense of joy inside.

Let them other rappers do the usual,

I just want this to be beautiful!

Like the daughter I never had!

Like the wife I'll never have!

Like the life I never had!

I just want this to be beautiful,

Like a zygote

Growing up to write quotes

That give the dying hope.


Like the Second Coming with sky soaked

In glory and white robes!

I just want this to be beautiful!

Sublime! Extraordinary! Excellent! Brilliant! Exceptional! Splendid! Epic! Exquisite! Superb! Outstanding! Elegant! Dazzling! Grand! Transcendent in scripted encryptions!

The type of stuff they can't depict in...