jedi style

And I ain’t never met a ninja who could take a Jedi down

Jedi’s taking over so just call this Jedi town

When Jedi speaks it’s music to your ears, that’s Jedi sound

Just make sure they put some black jewels in Jedi crown

I run laps ‘round the cosmos

Got my style from God’s flows

Underground like fossils

Underground like foxholes

I got golden tonsils

Steel between my nostrils

I’m growing so colossal

My feet are leaving potholes

I spit it vicious not pernicious

Or malicious or mischievous

Candy kisses from your Mrs.

Ain’t delicious as this bliss is

Superstitious, unambitious,

Narcissistic lyricists

I’m ripping skinless, tell Guinness

I rap in water with the fishes



I spit venom

Rock fit denim

In the cockpit ‘bout to drop big weapons

Tell ‘em

I’m the black Lennon meets Eminem

Jedi Style (x4)

Intergalactic bombastic

And I’m crushing emcees like I stomp plastic

This is just practice and I’m gon’ rap this Till I got cracked lips so I brought Chap-stick

Lightsaber by my side

Death Vader tryin’ to hide

I’m so wavy with the rhymes

I got sailors trying to ride

Shooting lasers from my eyes

I got razors in my mind

Rap fakers wanna bite

I ate 80 at a time

I spit acid

Teach rap classes

To read my rhyme book you need 3D glasses

I could rap faster than the speed of 3 Flashes

Trying to be like Mike, making 23 classics

So tell the dark side not to test me, yo

‘Cause bro cold like the clothes on a Eskimo

Too easy, like scoring on an empty goal

And this is just the first stage like an embryo