...I'm back soldiers!/
You should expect that like a back with shoulders/
Cuz I got more drive than a pack of chauffeurs/
Watch these rappers all hide like rats & roaches/
save ya raps bout flimsy clips, they don't move me at all!/
The black is mysterious & supernatural/
You better off tryna kidnap & shoot a shadow/
They think I'm insane/
Just cuz I was raised/
In a prison with Bane!/
But I'm still the Dark Knight of this rap game!
Toss 9 batarangs/
As I swing/
From the grappling!/
Don't try battling/
That's like bothering/
Bruce Banner; now his body green/

...get your thoughts right, I'm scattering bad brain matter, hacking data/
All you rappers tryna sing, I will son you like Nat King's dada/
I'm not a common being I'm a rapling!/
your world is mine for attacking/
Cuz my Dad's King/
You ain't big, you're very frail & my Dad's bigger/
You think it's all fairy tales till you get left behind like the glass slipper/
& I will fly a pants zipper/
I compose more music than Hans Zimmer/
I'm gon' fry you dudes in a few just let the pan simmer/
The black Jewelz ain't fooled by the glitz & glitter/
You kiddin me?/
I'm the Jedi in this rap galaxy, so tell Disney to get me for part 7, or whatever
Your mansion can get mashed in a second, but my home is in Heaven. Forever.
Then I will see Him "i" to "i". FaceTime.
In a place where you can't waste time, cuz there ain't time!
I spit crack, that's why this beat got no bass line/
So bob your head like a bobble head on a space ride/
So prepare as the rocket launches/
& buy this album here for somebody hopeless/
Let them hear the music, it's therapeutic/
That's why I wrote this!/
It's like your own gift, don't you dare misuse it!/
I'm from a county called Elm city...real look both ways, Idc if it be a one way/ my lil brother got a headshot from a canon; daylight Easter Sunday/
Look, it's straight wack to try'n own the streets!/ You gangstaz scared of death, that's why you wear a vest & hold the heat!/ but my King faced that, walked straight into His death knowingly!/ then came back like, "Yeah, you know it's Me..."/
Oh what, ya rather hear a black man talk 'bout nonsense than Jesus?!/
Is it cuz you fear a hell sentence you feel offended?/ you wouldn't if I was talking about Benzes, Mack 10's, ends &/ leaving endless women rear-ended!/
Back-bending, crack-sending, stack-spending/ flash, attention...that's senseless!!/
Fast lesson kids, they love when you heat the bong, squeeze the chrome & leak a dome.../
Meanwhile they leasing homes in Elysium!/
I spit for the lost ones/
I spit for the innocence of sons & little daughters/
They spit for sicker Porsches/
They spit like they some vicious warriors/
Dodging bigger mortars/
Fake emcees...dead that!...time for rigor mortis.../