future introduction

Emerging from the shadows of the street life/

The black cat lurks again, what it be like?/

What now?... Lyrically murderin'/

Duck down—'cause your guns can't hurt my pen/

You've been warned now your world is in jeopardy/

The quiet storm comes to drown out the enemy/

[I was] born in a puddle of blood in Gethsemane/

That poured from a funnel of love & gave me energy/

Keep silence, I say keep silence/

[If] you rappers want to talk to me—you need a license/

I ain't playing, no I ain't playing/

Your raps don't speak to people, like shyness/

The rap monsters strike again/ 

Till the Black Jewelz writes again/

I don't write like men, or even write with ink/

But with nebulas compressed & liquified into my fountain pen/

I'm not human, I am not human/

I am an ex-man but I am not a mutant/

What I am you know not/

Too advanced to even be a robot/

I would crush Ultron to pieces/

Soon to be handed a crown from Jesus/

I've seen death die, that's not facetious/

"Can you believe this?!"/

I speak truth raw, it seems that's trouble/

Why don't you frauds just act humble?!/

Like you white girls who flaunt your wannabe black back bubble/

But not one of y'all would want to live the black struggle/

White girls, white girls turn that stuff down/

You know Black America don't want to hear that sound/

Don't care if it gets you famous/

Are you an iggy-iggy-ignoramus?/

I can't count my verses that's controversial/

My life's a epic move, why go commercial?/

It's show time, no time for rehearsal/

I'm fast forward, no rewind reversal/

Superstar you're not really a superstar/

You got diamonds, you think you're a star right?/

But I've never seen you light up the dark at night/

But I caught some pristine starlight/

Trapped it in a diamond ball, hid in a compartment that only opens with a secret card I swipe/

I only bring it out into a pitch black room when it's time to start to write/

I'm not from this world, I am not from this world/

Listen here, I don't give a care about your guns & girls/

Give it a rest, you better chill/

Or else ima hunt you down with a "very particular set of skills"/

—Corrupting my youth!—

We don't want to hear no more murder & gunplay/

We want to see murals with sun rays/

Young boys churching on Sundays/

Then working on Mondays/

—You feel that?!—

I'm just introducing the prowl—let all know/

I can't be subdued with a smile—poor souls/

Your world will be consumed in a while—it was foretold/

The future is now/