dream life

Verse 1:

Top of the morning, rise & shine/
The clock with the alarm makes the sirens chime/
Start with yawning, wipe them eyes/
Every day you feel a calling, "it's time, it's time"/
Out of bed slow, had a dream that was pleasing/
awoke from the evening,
But don't know you're still dreaming/
The world seems like a book with a plot that's repeating/
really take a look, everything is not what it's seeming/
The world tht you're used to is not so real/
It's full of illusions like Copperfield/
If you don't realize it can't last forever/
Then you're flying on a plane that'll crash forever/
Whether fantasy fulfilling or a nightmare full of killings/ life's a dream, it's just a filler/ full of feelings till we rise to see the real one/
& If you rue the day it ends/ then you're in for a rude awakening!/

Verse 2:

Stellar FoXx:

Whatever happened to our dreams?

Homie got shot on the block I still hear the screams/

Blah-kah! they, ring like your favorite ringtone on your phone, don’t check that screen/

Bullet lodged in your spleen/

Starting to lean/

Low, flashback to when you was 16/

Is this when you lost your dream?/

Think back, the enemy all attacking, it’s warfare; pause/

Our fight’s not against flesh and blood/

They'll shoot slugs, we’ll fight with love/

"Here’s a hug", ha-haa/

Funny how you think heaven and hell is sci-fi/

No Jedi mind tricks so would I lie?/

Connected to the Spirit, don’t need no bars for Wi-Fi/



Verse 3:

Now please don't shut your eyes/

Cuz it’s not a lullaby/

& trust I realize/ 

this might come as a surprise/

& while some rappers wanna wake in a new Bugatti/

When I go, I'm gonna wake up in a new body!/

As vivid as it seems it's deception/

You're living in a dream like Inception/

Don't look at TV screens as your reflection/

Time to join the winning team, interception!/

All that glamour is a lie, & it won't last/

All you can see with your eyes, it's gon' pass/

But, me & my homies, we cannot die, that's all fact/

We gon be up in the sky, kinda like a forecast/

This ain't to harm you though it messes with your head at times/

It’s to alarm you to wake you up ahead of time/

Don’t try to run like a nose in the cold winter winds/

‘Cause in a dream, you never know when it ends/