black market poetry book

Welcome to the Black Market!
We have a wide variety of supplies provided by sly proprietors
Human kind's been
Buying this
Before peg-legs rode pirate ships,
We don't need licenses, our license is
The prices that
You pay to validate
Us as an official establishment so you could say dollar signs is
Our plaque to mark it
The Black Market, yes
Don't think we're overrated
just cuz we're not incorporated
We put out movies not R, but horror rated
Demented dentists orchestratin' oral operations,
Forced premature ovulations,
Fame & fortune promised, waitin'
Just audition next
for the genre Black Market S, Black Market E, Black Market X! X! X!
& play the part of clumsy grown men who get caught in
A girls black stocking net!
Wall Street?
No I'm sorry, no options to stock invest
But i guarantee we're behind the walls of the streets in your seven continents
Isn't it evident & obvious?
We've even been feeding ya
Through the media,
Get some...sin & lies in all forms.
Don't act surprised,
Or were you never told sin can be disguised,
It's everywhere! Sin lies in all forms...
So come buy it in our stores,
"Stores?" yes! (scoffs) stores..
It doesn't need to have shelves, doors & floors,
Excuse me if my metaphors morph your cerebral cortex!
So give us a call, email or text,
We're ready to serve the dark needs of all, & we'll serve yours best!

Shopping in the black market may result in death, disaster, hunger, slaughter, genocide, suicide, addiction, depression, over-packed prisons, STDs, orphans, widows, destroyed lives & eternal torment in the fires of hell.
Do not support the black market of this world if you intend to protect your soul from the suffering of eternal hell.

The Black Market, we're here to serve you!...
Oh but do you doubt?! You debate this?! Think I'm just a salesman, saying things?
(Laughs) I chuckle, I giggle & laugh,
That's a funny statement like saying slavery's a thing of the past
Wait, did I say that?...I meant um...c'mon think of something, think of it fast...
Nah forget that I meant it! I'm mad tired of this satire!
I'm 'bout to click-clack & fire!...wait, why y'all looked shocked?...
Oh no, don't worry, cuz a warning shot

If you are hearing this

{This is a warning shot

Let the 45 blast}

You are about to be sold

Unless you have already been sold

Then you won’t be hearing this

These words will fall upon deaf ears

If death hasn’t visited you yet

I pray you are still alive

To be revived by the ones

Hearing this message

This is a warning shot

You are about to be sold

Over and over again

Like a dented

Recycled aluminum can

With no 5 cent deposit

Being deposited into your pockets

You are priceless

With an invisible price tag placed upon you

You have already been devalued

By a society that deems you worthless

When their ignorance

Doesn’t acknowledge your existence

I gotta holla cause

No one paid attention to the Holocaust

Until they saw about 70% of Holland lost

Well, a modern day holocaust goes unknown as we speak

In a little place called the DRC

Google it. YouTube. 

See what you could do

Or just ignore it, and read about it in invisible history books with blank pages

I guess it doesn’t matter this time around since it’s just a bunch of {black faces}

Or call it being naïve

When people don’t believe

That there are people being sold

Like a hot commodity

{In the Black Market}

You are the hot commodity

{In the Black Market}

It’s not just blacks being sold

{In the Black Market}

It’s Caucasians, Latinos, Asian, Africans, Europeans, Caribbean, and the Indigenous

Men, Women and Children being sold

{In the Black Market}

If you are hearing this

This is a warning shot

{Let the 45 blast}

You are about to be sold

Unless you've already been sold

Then you would have become

A tortured soul

Praying to GOD to rescue you

Or let you die

Because you know your faith will take you to a better place

Laboring away to do the work

That you will never reap the fruits of

Until you’ve become strange fruit

Hanging out to dry like clothes

Being sold from the sweat shop


Your secret is out

You can never wash out

The perspiration

Of a crying tear stain drop

As the human spirit rots

Until their body drops

Like a plummeting stock

On the stock market

But this is the black market

Where there's no need to stock shelves

With stock piles of WMDs

While merchants stock their pockets

With illegal profits

I guess money does grow on trees

When humans are used for manual labor instead of livestock

{To harvest your crops}

Your coffee beans

Your sugar cane

Your wheat

Your tomatoes

Your tobacco

Your cocoa beans

Cocoa melanin skin people

Are not the main victims

Working these modern day plantations

To sell legal groceries

If you are hearing this

{This is a warning shot

Let the 45 blast}

As this 45 makes it last revolution

On the turn tables

I’m trying to turn these tables over

{Spinning at 45 rpm’s

How many revolutions can we perform in one minute?}

If I can defrost

Your frozen mind

That modern day slaves

Exist outside of this rhyme

{Then my job is done}

'Cause it's like a broken record

but {my hope is that this}

45 will no longer be spun

{Shots fired… BONG!}