black barz

The Black is coming!/

they done got their hopes up, tell these Jokers that the Bat is coming!/

I got my dawgz with me now these catz is running!/

you'd think the crowd had frogs in it the way I have em jumpin/

So hehe-hehe-haw, that's my sinister laugh/

Don't sleep on me at all, listen till you collapse!/

Beady-bead I'll call the law on your criminal naps!/

Catch heebie-jeebs when my claw strips your villainous mask!/

I'll leave you crying till yo' eyes is bloodshot/ 

I'm killin' you without rhymes 'bout gunshots/

you silent, standing stiff on the side likes mugshots/

cuz yo' skills can't be identified like sunspots/

It's pitiful, you think you're on a pedestal, baby boy you're on a high chair!/

You only show concern for the cheese like mice tears/

Still find me right there!/ 


I told you last album...
"Your worst nightmare!"/

Welcome to my torture chamber/

I'll escort you to the cranium/

Excuse the disorganization of my brain, um/ 

hold on right quick, I'm gonna scorch the torch then toss the game through a strainer/

then we'll tour the remainder/

In school Jewelz was a unusual cat/

cuz I did nothing but doodle raps/

& if you ask, yes, I still do do raps/

but you dudes spit doo-doo raps!/

They say I lost my noodle, perhaps/

but I'm still the top rhymin' (Top Ramen)/

most wanted like Osama's top bombers!/

So witness the chase! if this is a race, y'all cars crashin'/ my car-dashin' (Kardashian) like Kanye's baby momma!/

Your hearts pump plasma/

my heart pumps magma!/

fire in my bones/

leaving stuff stuck in your brain like I shoved a wire up your nose!/

I spit barz ridiculous/ 

live for God monogamous but spit barz promiscuous!/

I can't find an emcee who's bold enough to battle Jewelz/

cuz in rap I'm a black belt, 90th degree like the corners of a quadrilateral!/

don't try to talk of coroners cuz I'm not natural!/

Let's say you & your guy choose/

to decide to/ try 'n shoot/ the opposite of white Jewelz/

I'll dip to the side to/ dodge 2/ then slide/ & dive through/ in a spiral/

motion/ & smile at you/ while I'm floatin' by you/ then land behind you/

& cut Satan's ugly head, OFF/

with the double-edge! RAW!/

then watch you grab your tails & run at sonic speed, no hedgehog/

Black Jewelz fears no rap dudes or rap crews/

coming at you new slaves with the rap noose/

I know what they're saying: "here's another black rapper who acts hard"/

no I'm just a black fog who raps hard/

so it's a wrap for you fake rap gods/

& don't say I rap Christian...

say I rap God!/

Call me The Black.