The sun rises, like  a spaceship launching,

Slowly, its manner is like tales from the ancient Crypt—haunting, 

Yet bursting with joy, like newlyweds on a honeymoon.

It races with determination and power, like an Olympian, the horizon is the finish line it runs into.

The stars exit the heavenly theatre, applauding the night's enchanting dancing,

As one sun ray penetrates a window pane

To make a tear drop glisten 

Like a glowing diamond bouncing inside of a glass prism

To bring beauty to a widow's pain,

Next door to a glass prison

Where the evil of humanity sits contained.

And when mankind passes by

And peeks inside

Their eyesight magnifies

To be reminded to control what they have inside.

A butterfly frolics above the daylight sparkling on the ocean,

Its wings paint the air in fluorescent colors with every motion.

Magnetic forces rise to battle, 

A leaf gallops through the grass as the wind rides its saddle.

The Monopoly man at the podium proclaims our lives are full of duty, 

I stand and reply, "Our lives are full of beauty...

You heard wrong..."

Behold, musical instruments gather to listen to the bird's song.

For the grand finale it catapults into the sky, five furlongs.

Spiraling, its tail emits a paint flow,

Leaving a trail of rainbows.


The phantom of the opera is king of the land.

His scarlet robe flows for miles,

Crowned with a ring on his hand.

At the beach shore, stardust is mixed in the sand.

The grieved lover weeps, mutters,

After he was shot to the chest,

But the bullet melted and dissolved into his flesh,

To protect his heart as it recovers.

The magician slips & falls,

Exposing his deceptive tricks & cards

And knocks down the psychic, shattering her crystal ball.

Bewildered, their eyes lock & meet; 


Until an obscure man approaching hands them the Book of Prophecy. 

At last.


The trees bow and toss ripe fruit at the feet of the peasants.

A rain cloud in the city is rebuked as unpleasant,

Then escapes to be adored by a man stranded in the desert.

The flower bud undresses.

An epiphany hits the fugitive then he confesses.

Love reigns, because lust is unworthy.

Society drinks an elixir consisting of justice & mercy.

As he beholds the splendrous sublimity of day morph into dusk

The skeptic realizes that the true source is above.

Dropping to his knees he cries, though his eyes fight,

His tears on the ground reflect the twilight.

As night falls,

A star smiles & gazes at the stargazing child's eyeballs.

They sparkle and glitter, immense.

The angels observe and shiver, in a sense,

Inspired all the more to guard her innocence.

Her giggles travel through the air,

Touching & comforting all who happen to hear.

The moon takes its place to conduct the night's dance, 

The sea settles in a slight trance.

The winds chant saying, "look with your heart and you'll see

That planet Earth is an art gallery."

And one hopeful star throws a dream across the night sky

To remind us that life should be protected,

Because life can be beautiful,

And that beauty is often unexpected.