Yo. I. got. bars./ like windows of new haven cop cars/ Spittin' from Barbados to Barcelona/ & fake emcees can't come near my bars so u could call my bars a loner/ They try to bite like a barracuda but I spit sick bars till they almost barf & throw up/ I spit bars in bars/ barns/ & Barnes & Noble, but can you get a bargain for my bars? No./ even Spongebob tried to barter my bars with some fancy barnacles/ but my secret is no one can scan my bar code/ no holds barred but yet I got a bar-hold!/ I spit bars infinite/ take you down like barbiturates/ if you on the Dark Side, Darth Sidious/ Get taken low like a Baritone/ strength it flows through my marrow zone/ Look into my eyes with a mirror, zoom/ & you won't see episodes of Barney/ or barbies/ never; beyond hardly/ or barely, like catching Bob Marley smoking barley/

Pardon me/ I don't mean to just barge in & bombard you/ with bomb bars dude/ but if spittin' bars was baseball I'd stay with the Homer like Marge & Bart do/ So cheer me on like Pom-poms/ & proud Pa's do/ 'cause I got news/ like Barbara Walters/ that I spread from top law schools to block bar stools/ straight barrage fools with the Gospel!/
My notebook got no spiral, only barbed wire/ your hands can't get near it/ I'm on the frontline with these bars, y'all still in training, I call that bar-barrack/ if this was Avatar I'd be a bar bender/ I spit that hardcore, y'all spit soft, you dudes is bar tender/ your bars got no bark! You just smoke trees/ you wanna see mo' fees/ I wanna see folks freed/ so shout out to the brothaz in the bar cell/  who think they're stuck in raw hell/ liftin' up them bar bells/ Eatin' bread buns tryna let that starch swell/ while we make jokes like don't drop the soap bar/ laughing 'cause we know we so far/ away from those securely closed bars & security guards when the lights cease/ so make sure you buy a Hershey bar to remind you that your life's sweet/
See, I was going bonkers, now I'm goin BARnkers/
You porn rappers are garbage!/ you ain't even barbage/ 'cause you dudes is bar-less!/ like Alcoholics/ Anonymous/ your bars childish, still drinking with your favorite straw through your sip-cup/ my bars mature, but I never had a bar mitzvah/ my bars done grown a man/ before the Beach Boys sang "Barabara Ann"/ you hold the mic on the stage but behind the scenes somebody holds your hand/ i mean i ain't tryn' be rude/ but how can y'all be fooled/ cuz what you call hot barz  I call hot wings 'cause, though they say they freestyle, every bar-be-cued/
Yet they try to barricade my bars while they parade ya/ what should I expect? They even chose to break the chains of Barabbas instead of the Savior/
BARabbas instead of the Savior/ whenever I measure my bars' mass on barometers I break 'em/
I'm on a mission, y'all got no barriers for my methods!/
No boxes, I only got bars on my checklist/ & I don't need food 'cause I eat these Bars for breakfast!/ so call me a bar-tarian/ they say I'm killin' it, I'm buryin' bars, so call me Barbarian (bar-buryin')!/