arabian nites


You ain't never seen a peasant imperial,/

Blessed but not dressed in that pleasant material?!/

Well here I am so crank up the stereo/

Or I'll come through the speakers simply to stare at you/

Then grab the wheel, start beeping and steer with you/

Tweak the tweeters then tweet the tweeters like, "you rappers watch your steps, like some stairs that are scaring you!"/

You dudes be acting like them devils just carried you/

"They're all gonna laugh at you!" Like they just Carrie'd you/

So ride your camel through the desert heat/

Like, "why, oh why, can I never eat?"/

But I fly so high, but they never see it/

But there's a pie in the sky, "oh you better preach!"/


You ain't never seen a carpet go aerial?/

I'm from the underworld, I ain't talking no Ariel/

Bang that Black Jewelz, bump it all in your areas/

Then grab them headphones, thump it all in your "ear-eas"/

In your own zone, you don't care where you is/

Like... *singing melody*/

Till everybody hype, causing hysteria/

But we don't want to fight, just want the more with the merrier/