all day

Everyday is a struggle for the right life

Like a tussle in a cave by a night-light

But just keep your head up—kite’s height

Though some days are like being thrown into a knife fight

Hands alone

Stand alone

Don’t pant and moan

Stand and demand a throne

It’s a chance to grow

I’ve had my own

Just a bag of bones

I rose from the catacombs

So keep those legs lifting till the race ends

And you’ve built a list of 1st place wins

I don’t care if you’re training in your basement

Maintain it till your life makes a statement

And never let a thing pull you backward

Till you can’t even stand to think that word

Never lose focus on what matters

Forward till every obstacle shatters

Forward always, never the other way

All day


This life is a gift, so I’ma live it up

With my ninjas by my side; never giving up

Go through life like fear never lived in us

All day

All day, everyday

Everyday is a war against the wrong life

Like having a sword fight once you’ve lost sight

But just keep your head to the sky, like a long flight

Though you face more villains than the Dark Knight


Blow for blow


Just don’t let them choke your soul

Know your goal

Control the road

Go for broke

Until you can hold the gold

So keep on aiming for that buzzer

Train year round, even in the summer

& stand strong, like your steps thunder

‘Cause life’s tough but somebody’s tougher