1◎◎ barz


...You just make me sick, save the placebo/
On my grown man, & I ain't about to babysit your under-grown ego/
It's equal to feeble + evil/
--That's real talk brothaz/
Talking about you'll 'roll to die' but you're just full of craps, like a casino/
half y'all wouldn't lift the metal if you was Magneto/
So quit the frontin', the King is com in' & you're stuck under His reign (rain) like a gazebo/
I spent the last century, eating Senzu beans/
So don't claim number 1, like a kid sent to pee/
till you match up to me; & I got a pile of rhyme-books that stands 100 feet...like a centipede/
I'll give you chumps 100 bars, it's a cinch to me/
oh, you pimpin', b?/
Well, how you gonna walk the narrow road when you got 100 broads? I'm talking simple symmetry/
While you tell them lift the heat/
& light the burner, like Bunsen/
I tell these dudes that's like 18, 19, put the ARs & Ks on the table like it's chemistry/
Going in like Dunston/
from the city where they screamed, "Give us free!"/
& girls pay no attention in school 'cause in the streets dudes give it free/

Lyrically I end them/
If they don't bow to the royal emblem/
...till Heaven meets Earth/
My weaponry's words/
It's forward march & I'll never reverse/

Your verses ain't fresh, enclose your flows in Saran wrap/
I'd rather listen to Duran Duran rap/
I'd drink a protein shake mixed with Anthrax/
than to even over-hear (hair) your dang tracks/
I'm wise with bars/
The only "Y's" you got is the hundreds of times people ask, "why even write your bars?!"/
Your tiny bars, you can't criticize my bars/
Remember when everyone was doing the Harlem Shake?...It was because I was spittin' seismic bars/ 
I'm catastrophic, leaving you cacaphonic catz catatonic/
so grab a tonic, I'm past atomic/
while you tappin' comments & catch up on comics/
I pass the time catching comets/
You couldn't spit this sick, even if you had to vomit/
My brain's so fast, if it had a body it'd be passing Sonic/
& I got plot to demolish you catz who rap demonic/
Too complex too describe it, or make it plain (plane)even with a pile of pilots/
Maybe with a stock of astronauts locked in a rocket/
Then you could get in view of my level of knowledge/
B-Baby Bubba/
You make me chuckle, Baby Bubba/
Who knew it'd be so easy to enslave these brothaz?/
Only took a crazy Hummer, a page with numbers/
Sound too simplistic? Maybe it was a hypnotist with a hazy wonder/
Doing magic tricks; blowing bubbles with millies in 'em, like, "You could have it if you could penetrate the bubble.../
and spit animalistic, like, 'I rip clips, leave you kissing that red like lipstick, I'll put the average Joe in the dirt--no mullet"/
Is that right? I bet if i fill your clips with gold bullets, you won't pull it/
I say you're a slave, young child, you're a slave/
While you brag about who ride the nicest/
& who wrist the iced-est/
There's human beings screaming, "Down with ISIS!"/
getting pounded with nightsticks/
Then when Mike Brown gets 6-9 hits/
Suddenly your type wanna write righteous?!/
Ight just, don't let me hear another rhyme 'bout light'n clips/
or white bricks, or night tricks with 9 chicks/
or I'ma under your skin like a tight stitch/
No violence. this is real life pimps/
Where we walk by real-life pimps/
like Ice' Slims/
this ain't no media-hype trends/
If you don't see, hear or feel their struggles & the trife stench/
don't put a bad taste in your mouth, then your 5 sense(s) ain't worth 5 cents/
I got my fist high, stretched/
Screaming, "Christ lives! So stop the violence!"/
You like, 'Jewelz is wild'/
but I'm rapping with passion, you rap to bring cash in/
Then claim you're warriors, that's juvenile/
Like playing swords with vacuum attachments/
--It's not a game suckaz (game: "suckers")/
#100barz #noviolence/
I have 100 squads who move in silence/
with telepathic skills/ 
Who, in less than half a mill-/
isecond, can detect and kill a devil's mental possession potential...then chill/
I breathe fire, breathe fire/
birthing true flames but you lame dragons only breed liars/
& to you non-rapping Rap chicks: We tired/
You need to change, 'cause your music's flat, so re-tire/
I'm like, "she should be ashamed...she's a sham, see... How dare she?"/
They ask why I'm not famous...fam, please...they fear me/
If my raps were a comic, all you'd see is, "Boom! Kablam! Bam!" b, like the deer-she/